How to Integrate ICT in Teaching Maths?

How to Integrate ICT in Teaching Maths?

Looking for quality ICT maths resources?


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ICT and primary mathematics are closely linked together as they are both to do with facts. For example, ICT or capabilities in ICT are physical and factual. It is the same with primary mathematics.


Additionally, we already know how ICT can enhance mathematics learning. In this eBook, you will how to integrate technology into a lesson plan using ICT resources for maths that will increase the attainment levels of both mathematics/numeracy and ICT capability.

There are over 40 pages in what you will believe to be one of the most valuable maths ICT resources around.

We believe that in order to successfully harness the power of ICT in teaching you need to be supported in your teaching approaches through evidence and researched based ICT teaching strategies.

Here is a look inside its content:

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As you can see, we have packed a lot in for you in order so that you can fully understand how to integrate ICT in teaching maths.

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Use this ICT maths resource to:

  • Plan ICT integration;
  • Teach and learn mathematics with ICT;
  • Embed formative assessment strategies in mathematics.


Within this ICT maths resources, there are links to the national curriculum to help you with your technology integration lesson plans.


If you want to learn how to integrate ICT in teaching maths in the primary classroom, you need this resource.





How to Integrate ICT in Teaching Maths