ICT Capability in Literacy Lessons

Teaching Strategies

By Michael Hilkemeijer

ICT has much to offer literacy as it can greatly enhance the teaching and learning of it. Whilst there are many ICT tools that can be used students will only develop partial capabilities in ICT if the wrong software is chosen. It is crucial, therefore, that when you are planning to use ICT in the literacy lesson that you decide on the role you want it to play - will it be do develop student ICT capability, enhance the literacy learning or both?

Within the Australian Curriculum the teaching of literacy and ICT capability coexists across the Learning Areas. The Literacy sub-strand in the English curriculum in particularly presents many opportunities for teachers to capitalise on the use of ICT in their classroom.

literacy and ICT capability in the Australian Curriculum English

Australian Curriculum - Year 1 English (2018)

It is for this particular reason that I chose to develop a teacher resource for my ICT capability online course that focuses on giving teachers the knowledge and the tools they need to be effective ICT integrator at their schools. Designed to deliver practical and immediately actionable advice to teach ICT capability proficiently in literacy lessons in Primary education.

Key Themes

The key themes that I included in the resource are as follows:

  • Australian Curriculum reference: illustrating direct link and focus on the curriculum;
  • ICT capability Background context;
  • Information on ICT capability and Literacy as a General Capability (straight from ACARA website);
  • Practical tips when planning to teach ICT capability in literacy lessons;
  • General Capability assessment - ICT capability;
  • Recommended ICT tools and strategies including teacher ICT capability requirements;
  • Expected student year level progression in ICT techniques and;
  • Recommended ICT/literacy activities including information pertaining to being able to structure and stimulate learning activities and make full use of your school's resources.


Literacy Teaching Resources

This resource incorporates straight forward advice so that all you need to do is read through it and put it immediately into action. For each particular teacher resource created it will specifically be designed to meet the needs of students in different year levels starting with those in the Foundation stage of the learning in the national curriculum. Similar ones will also be developed for using ICT in numeracy teaching and plans have been set to include information about coding in the classroom and mobile learning methods that will further enhance a student's ICT capability.

Remember that ICT capability is more than just students learning new techniques - it is about knowing how to effectively use these techniques. As a general capability in the Australian Curriculum it is a requirement it is a requirement that you are able to teach ICT capability proficiently.

Make the most of this resource and help your students to benefit greatly from proven strategies taken from research about the most ICT capable schools today.

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