20 great ideas to use tech in early learning activities today

Teaching strategies in early childhood - technology integration

By Michael Hilkemeijer

As the world continues to tread through the global pandemic, the growing dependence on technology continues to permeate our lives. For young children like my seven year old daughter who will grow up through it they will have a lot to tell the generations after them just how much we needed to rely on technology to survive.


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As early childhood practitioners, we must then take advantage of the available technology in preschool classrooms and exploit its capabilities for learning. This means that we must prepare technology activities for preschoolers that build upon and develop their ICT capabilities and technological literacy.


Effective technology integration in the early learning environment is just about imagining the potential for learning with the available technology within the context it will be taught. The following list of preschool technology activities will support your goals in achieving this.


Technology Activities in Preschool

20 early learning activities that use technology in preschool today.

  1. Observe children’s playful uses of video camera and build on their capabilities.

  2. Model the effective use of video cameras by recording children’s play as characters from story books.

  3. Scan in children’s creations such as paintings, drawings, collages and photographs and add them to their learning journeys.

  4. Use the scanner to scan in non-digital photographs such as old photos from home.

  5. Actively encourage children to record the process of an activity as they progress through it.

  6. Set up the webcam so that it stays on and let the children play in front it thus stimulating them to create stories about themselves.

  7. Model the use of video recording by recording the children singing as a group.

  8. Model the use of drawing and painting programs such as MS Paint or Paint 3D by making repeat patterns such as those for wallpapers and then printing it.

  9. Taking a photo with a digital camera or getting an image from Google and then open it up in the drawing or painting program and getting the children to paint over it.

  10. Take the children on a technology excursion that may just be a walk down the street to see the technology in their environment and then get them to create the technologies that they saw.

  11. Get children to create laptops.

  12. Tape white chalk to the back of a programmable toy and using it to draw on large sheets of black paper.

  13. Develop their ICT capability and technological literacy by making sound instructional decisions and employing evidence based teaching strategies in early childhood education.

  14. While Smartboards do not develop ICT capability, they are excellent to use in conjunction with good quality art software. As children make marks, show them what the range of tools can do.

  15. Decorate photos and images of animals like elephants in drawing and painting programs.

  16. Use bee bots to spell out words.

  17. Make a stop motion animation film to further enhance their skills.

  18. Explore the benefits of augmented reality in learning activities.

  19. Practice addition and subtraction using technology like a spreadsheet.

  20. Choose a country on the computer and then ask children to locate it on the physical world map.


To fully exploit technology in preschool activities you need to make sound instructional decisions and employ evidence based teaching strategies in order to harness the potential of technology in early childhood education.


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