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To build confidence and competency in child ICT capability and technological literacy, it is important that teachers are supported in their levels of capability in ICT.

Through our online courses for preschool teachers using digital technology in the classroom, we deliver practical and immediately actionable advice on how to integrate ICT in teaching and learning.

Integrating ICT in the classroom is not straightforward and we ensure that our professional development for teachers technology:

  • Develops teachers’ ICT capability and technological;
  • Covers pedagogical approaches to technology integration;
  • Supports teachers in effectively integrating ICT in the classroom and;
  • Provides support for school culture change.

We develop and facilitate online technology integration professional development for teachers in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education teachers.

We conduct webinars with professional teachers who have demonstrated excellent capabilities in the use of ICT in classroom practices.


ICT Tools for Teaching and Learning

We support ICT teaching strategies for teachers that enable them to successfully be able to achieve ICT integration in the classroom and develop student ICT capability/digital literacy in education in meaningful and purpose driven learning contexts.

Examples of such ICT resources for teachers include:

  • Challenges students intellectually;
  • Allows students to have full control over the technology;
  • Is content-free and generic;
  • Facilitates the development of higher order thinking skills as a result of students being involved in the decision-making process.


Online Workshops for Preschool Teachers

Access over 30 online PD courses for teachers, webinar replays, case studies and downloadable resources for teachers.

  • Pay per month;
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  • One-time payment for 1 year of access.

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