How integrating technology in ECE can develop ICT capability?


Welcome to one of my kindergarten blogs where I will talk about how you can effectively integrate technology in the kindergarten classroom.


One of the many challenges early childhood teachers in kindergarten face is integrating technology in the kindergarten classroom effectively. Technology integration in any kindergarten learning environment is not about waiting for the next big technological developments in ECE to come around. There are many issues related to this and include:

  • Financial resources;
  • Time;
  • Training;
  • Evaluation.


For many centres, financial resources are what they believe is the key factor in preventing them from being able to create effective technology lessons for kindergarten in early childhood education learning activities.


Does this sound familiar to you? You may believe in the benefits of technology in the kindergarten classroom but struggle to acquire the resources you think you need.


Young children today are already being overexposed to technology in their lives and this has enabled them to take technology for granted. With governments around the globe such as the Australian government including the development of ICT capability through technology integration in the national curriculum, a trend like this cannot be broken unless evidence based teaching strategies with technology is embedded in early childhood learning environments such as that in kindergarten.


Not supporting child ICT capability development in kindergarten will mean that young children will not be able to collaborate, cooperate and gain from the positive learning experiences that technology in kindergarten has indicated comes from integrating technology in the kindergarten classroom.


Another downfall will come for the child as they continue their schooling in primary education particularly as many curriculums emphasise the development and progression of ICT capability. Lack of technology literacy education in kindergarten may also result from a child who is disconnected from the national curriculum.



After studying literature on integrating technology in kindergarten research, it became clear that ICT capability development in ECE cannot occur unless early childhood teachers such as that in kindergarten become conscious of the kinds of learning interactions they would like to occur within the context of ICT and adopt pedagogical strategies to support these.

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Additionally, the technology in kindergarten research also indicated that is imperative that the process of integrating technology in the kindergarten productive and authentic is online professional development for ECE educators.


Our free online professional development for early childhood educators emphasises the types of technology used in kindergarten classrooms that enable the process and foundation of ICT capability development to occur.


It takes you down the educational path recommended by UNESCO that looks at the pedagogy of ICT in ECE and key ICT integration in ECE information. Its primary focus is to support you when integrating technology in the kindergarten classroom to promote the development of ICT capability in kindergarten.



We believe that the true benefits of technology in the kindergarten classroom stems from children becoming ICT proficient citizens as they continue to develop their capabilities in life.


Technology in kindergarten is very important and it is only through supporting you as a teacher in evidence based teaching strategies in early childhood education that young children will be able to reap the benefits of technology in the kindergarten classroom.