How to access Early Years Preschool Technology Activities?

Preschool technology activities

By Michael Hilkemeijer


Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance learning and engagement in your preschool?


Hi! I'm Michael Hilkemeijer and in this video, I will show you how to explore exciting preschool technology activities that are sure to captivate your young learners and boost their educational journey.


Technology has revolutionized the way we learn, and preschoolers are no exception. By integrating digital technology into your classroom activities, you can create an immersive and interactive experiences that ignite children's curiosity and make learning fun.


Preschool is a critical time for young children to develop essential skills that form the foundation for future academic success. Digital technology can play a crucial role in fostering these skills by providing engaging and interactive learning opportunities.


For example, the effective integration of digital technologies can support and enhance learning and development in literacy and numeracy, creativity, science learning, problem solving, and social and emotional development.


It is essential in today’s digital age then, for young children to be familiar with technology and to be equipped with sufficient experience to enable them to use ICT without having to stop and think.


Unlocking the Potential: Our membership’s preschool technology activities

Allow me to introduce you to our ICT in Education Teacher Academy that delivers a diverse range of developmentally appropriate preschool technology activities that cover all aspects of the early childhood curriculum.


As a member of the Academy, you will have the opportunity to access these activities that are specifically designed to engage and educate preschoolers in a way that captivates their imagination and promotes active




Membership Advantage: Empowering ECE practitioners

There are many benefits to joining our membership including gaining access to a wealth of meticulously crafted preschool technology activities.


Sure you access them by simply downloading them for free but why not access them through one of our focused workshops where you can get the expertise that you need through learning supporting educational theories that back each and every one of our lesson plans for early childhood education.


Not only that but you walk away with a certificate of completion and 3 hours worth of PD to show that you have integrated our activities seamlessly into your existing curriculum framework, enhancing both teacher effectiveness and student engagement.


You can then enjoy the many bonuses that we have for members including video replays of industry experts and ebooks for your professional reading.



Nurturing growth: Supporting ECE practitioners every step of the way

When you become a member of the Academy, you can be assured that you will be joining a community of like-minded people.


Feel supported with the wide range of resources that we can offer you from our classroom-ready technology integrated lesson plans to our ongoing professional development opportunities.


Our membership program will empower you and make you feel confident in the implementation of preschool technology activities, regardless of your prior experience or comfort level with digital technology.



Seize the opportunity to transform your early learning environment today

Become a member now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to transform your teaching approach today.


And don’t forget as a member to access our treasure trove of preschool technology activities that I promise will inspire and enrich your children’s learning experiences.


Technology activities for preschoolers

Ideas to get you started

Here are some great play-based ideas to help you start.

Record a video

With either a smart phone, webcam, digital video recorder or tablet computer this activity can encourage teamwork and imaginative play. 


Digital scavenger hunt

You can create an engaging scavenger hunt on your smartphone or table computer. This may involve taking pictures of letters, shapes, or numbers and save them into an album.


Exploring sound with digital technology

In this activity, young children begin to explore the world of sound in an interactive and technology-driven way thus developing their auditory skills and fostering their creativity.


Learn to write letters and numbers

Using digital technology like word processors and spreadsheets help young children to write letters and numbers.


Visit the Academy now to become a member and access more preschool technology activities now.

Membership: $20 per month

Preschool technology activities