Student Progress tracker package

Introducing one of our TPT best sellers – Student Progress tracker for student ICT capability at Teachers Pay Teachers Australia.

This primary teacher resource is a package that contains:

  • Student self-assessment sheets.
  • Individual profiling sheets that are ideal for early years.
  • Information on record keeping for teachers.

These are all formative assessment tools that you can use for when your students are using technology in the classroom.


What first is ICT capability?

ICT capability is more than just the teaching of techniques. It is comprised of 5 key components together that constitute ICT capability. The components include:

  • ICT techniques.
  • Routines.
  • Processes.
  • Higher order thinking skills.
  • Concepts.


The key elements of ICT capability are practical so by embedding formative assessment strategies you will be able to monitor student learning progression.

To explain this further, what if a student handed you a final book review and you wanted to assess their literacy skills. Would you accept that this final product was a clear representation of their skills?

No. It is the same for any ICT product that a student creates for a solution. You will need to see what software they used and why. The techniques and processes they used etc.


Student self-assessment sheets take some of the assessment work from you and in this package you will have access to pre-made ones for various software that students typically use such as word processors, presentation programs, and drawing and painting programs. Each of these programs is ideal for developing student ICT capability alongside subject learning.

Individual profiling sheets are more suitable for early years, but you will find access to whole class snapshots as well that you can use.


These formative assessment tools at my TPT store will provide you with the templates and information you need to keep track of student progress using effective records.

Record keeping for teachers in any primary lesson is important and this classroom progress tracker will save you time and is less than $10. As I mentioned, this is one of my TPT best sellers and is ideal for the Australian Curriculum general capability ICT.


So visit my TPT store today. I am one of the Teachers Pay Teachers Australian sellers.

By Michael Hilkemeijer

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