How to easily exploit Tech in maths in your classroom today

By Michael Hilkemeijer


A key reason why we integrate technology in the classroom today is that there are so many benefits of technology in education. In this example, technology in maths education not only provides dynamic opportunities for instruction but can also enhance the learning process and make concepts come alive.


Finding the place and purpose of technology in the classroom is very important in a world where STEM industries can dominate in global economies. When planning the use of technology in the maths classroom you should always decide, first and foremost, whether the use of technology is appropriate in order to achieve the teaching and learning objectives of the lesson.


What are the Benefits of Using Technology in the Maths Classroom?

Learning how to integrate technology in the math classroom is about understanding and exploiting these benefits of ICT resources for maths.


Benefits of Multimedia

Multimedia encompasses a clear advantage of technology in education as it brings learning to life. Videos, animations and even interesting movies into the math learning process. Students are highly motivated and engaged in such technology and learning.


Interactive Visualisations and Explorations

High level student engagement is achievable according to brain research. There is strong evidence to suggest that visual pathways are involved even when working on symbolic number calculations. Opportunities with technology in maths education provides learners the chance to interact with mathematical concepts. One example of this is the use of the floor turtle by young children to assist their understanding of the concept of angle as an amount of turning.


Personalised maths lessons

ICT can customise learning for students as a result of having increased access to it. Individual students can be provided with personalised content that is catered towards their needs and that supports their learning. Lessons, tutorials and screencasts on their own devices can be viewed. Technology in the maths classroom can challenge students at different levels and at times of their learning.


Develops student ICT capability

The use of ICT resources in maths provides the right opportunity to develop ICT capability in a meaningful and purpose-driven learning context. Students achieve this when the technology is ‘transparent’ in its use to such an extent that they hardly notice that they are using it at to achieve the learning outcomes that you have set for them. This is the ultimate aim of developing ICT capability and that of this online PD course.


ICT for Inclusion

Technology is also inclusive in that the information can be presented in a variety of ways according to the size of the audience and the special needs of particular individuals.