Announcing the Accreditation of our Online Course with TQI

Accredited Online professional development for teachers - ICT Teaching Strategies

We are excited to announce that our most popular online course for Primary teachers - Primary Classroom Strategies: Develop Student ICT Capability Today - is now accredited with the Teacher Quality Institute for the ACT Government in Australia!

TQI accredited online PD 2019

This means that this course is accredited by two nationally recognised organisations!

NESA and TQI Accredited Course

What does accreditation mean?

Basically, what that means is that there is quality assured as both organisations run the course application through a process by which it will check if it is aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Course Objective

You will learn how to successfully optimise the available technology in your classroom by implementing teaching strategies that will develop student ICT capability whilst supporting subject context. Additionally, you will gain the expertise you need in order make instructional decisions, structuring ICT activities and meeting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding how students learn with ICT;
  • Optimising opportunities for development of ICT capability;
  • Boost your own capabilities in ICT integration;
  • Develop an ICT capable classroom using proficient classroom practices;
  • Perceive the importance of a whole-school approach in ICT capability development;
  • Manage student transitions effectively;
  • Facilitate student capabilities;
  • Select the appropriate tools for learning;
  • Progress student capabilities with less stress and;
  • Create an inclusive classroom learning environment.



This online course will only set you back for less than $100! That's less for what you pay for groceries today!


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