How to develop a whole school approach to Literacy development using Digital Technologies?

By Michael Hilkemeijer


These days, a whole school approach in professional learning is a much better option for educational leaders as it recognises that all aspects of the school community can impact positively upon student learning.


That is why we have put together this bundle of our advanced literacy with ICT online PD courses that brings together literacy teaching strategies primary school.


Throughout your journey in these courses, we will answer your questions such as:

  • What is purpose-driven effective literacy teaching strategies with ICT?
  • What does it look like? Sound like?
  • What teaching strategies for literacy with ICT is most effective in the curriculum?
  • How can you meet the needs of all learners with the integration of technology in literacy teaching strategies?


As an educational leader, you are most likely aware that your teachers are not only challenged to integrate technology into traditional aspects of literacy instruction, but also to engage students in emerging technological literacies.


Literacy Courses for Teachers

A whole school approach as a concept and model acknowledges the social, political, economic and demographic contexts that your school operates under. We offer a comprehensive whole school approach to make sound instructional decisions regarding literacy teaching strategies primary school that is holistically working to promote student 21st century skills – literacy and ICT capabilities.



We have English teaching strategies primary school from Foundation Level to Year 5. All courses are aligned with Australian Curriculum English as well as Victorian Curriculum English.


Course Ebook

Teachers will receive course ebook with Australian Curriculum English aligned activities. Accompanied with teaching strategies for literacy with ICT.


There are also activities (over 20 of them) to add to your term planning and curriculum goals. Additionally, teachers can also make use of the curriculum map available within it.


Literacy teaching strategies primary school



Key Principles Present

There are three key principles that are present in the strategies for literacy development online courses:

  1. New technologies are constantly changing.
  2. New technologies change the very nature of what it means to be literate.
  3. New technologies demand a new and more important role for teachers.



This is a whole school literacy approach that you don’t want to miss. Embed these teaching strategies for primary school now.



Cost: $600 or a membership of $60 per month.