How to cut the cost of CPD for early years teachers?

CPD for early years teachers

By Michael Hilkemeijer


Australia like the UK and the rest of the western world is experiencing a severe cost of living crisis. Prices are up on everything from energy like gas and fuel, to food and transport. All of it is putting immense pressure on families across the country – and schools are feeling the effects too.


CPD budgets for teachers are also now feeling the squeeze despite this being nothing new. However, the cost of living crisis that we are all experiencing has put them into some really difficult challenges as they too struggle to pay energy bills along with a shortage of teachers and the demand for pay rises. So how can school leaders stretch their already overworked budgets?


CPD for early years teachers

What can Schools and teachers do?

With budgets under pressure, preschool directors and primary education school leaders will need to think carefully about how they spend their money and what represents value for money. One area where there’s excellent scope for cost-cutting is in the provision of continuing professional development for teachers (CPD).


Fortunately, there’s another way. ICTE Solutions provides several ways that early childhood educators and primary school teachers can receive year-long CPD.


CPD for early years teachers can be delivered via our weekly ‘Technology in Early Childhood Education’ newsletter where we have a growing list of over 1000 subscribers. Upon subscription, they receive our free online pd for early childhood educators – “How to successfully integrate Technology in Preschool Activities?”


Here are some reviews:

Nicole said:

“Content of course encourages you to reflect on how you are currently using ICT and that planning and integrating ICT has enormous benefits to an early childhood program.”


Bukola said:

“The course is interesting and important to education. It narrows the importance of technology for preschoolers and how easy to manoeuvre it into every curriculum, activities and learning.”


Dora said:

“Excellent, I really enjoyed this course and found it useful!”


We also provide on-demand CPD for early years teachers along with CPD for primary teachers. ICTE Solutions provides high-quality online CPD workshops for educators – with instant access to over 60 technology integration in the classroom professional development for just $5.99 Aud per month (cancel anytime).


CPD for early years teachers

With this type of training, staff can choose when and where they learn, without having to take time out of the classroom. And each course is self-paced and is designed to applied as they learn. They can also be consumed in bite-size chunks as many large full implementation courses are also broken down into smaller short courses allowing teachers to get up to speed on topics that matter the most to them and repeat them as necessary to retain what they’ve learned.


For educational leaders, on-demand learning represents excellent value for money.


ICT in Education Teacher Academy membership is not only the future of CPD for teachers but the best CPD for teachers and with cash tight, it might just be the lifeboat that school leaders need to weather this storm.