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By Michael Hilkemeijer

A recent study on the use of mobile learning in Early Childhood Education has revealed some key findings and recommendations. The pilot project titled “Developing the use of portable devices in early years learning” examined the long term use of iPads in Primary schools in Northern Ireland.

It assessed the use of iPads in the Early Years and Foundation Stage of learning and the key findings focused on:

  • Impact on literacy and numeracy;
  • Impact on teacher’s professional learning;
  • Impact on leadership and management and;
  • Impact on parental involvement.

Technology Impact

Amongst these findings were signs of positive use with iPads such as:

  • Belief that iPads have had a positive impact on the development of literacy and numeracy;
  • Enhanced communication skills;
  • That iPads enhances numeracy skills in a more engaging and exciting way than traditional practices;
  • Digital technology compliments existing teaching practices;
  • Open-ended apps provides students with a range of literacy and numeracy activities;
  • Children view the use of iPads as a play toy and;
  • There was evidence of a range of competency and creativity in the use of digital technologies.

In terms of teacher professional development it found that:


Based on these findings some of the recommendations included the following:


Why enrol in this course?

We believe that early childhood educators and primary educators should be supported with ICT teaching strategies - a sentiment echoed by the CEO of ACARA, Mr Robert Randall, and research which states that merely exposing students to ICT is not sufficient today.

As a early childhood educator or primary teacher, you will benefit from enrolling in this NESA accredited course by:

  • Practicing teacher-tested ICT teaching strategies which are aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers;
  • If you are a NESA registered teacher, you will earn teacher accreditation towards Proficient teacher;
  • Boost your own capabilities in ICT;
  • Ensure progression in student capabilities through implementing the correct practices;
  • Facilitate student capabilities by practicing scaffolding methods proven to work today;
  • Select the right ICT tools and resources - not every technology develops student ICT capability;
  • Encourage a whole school approach with your colleagues - as there is no point just you doing it and;
  • Teach in an inclusive technology-rich learning environment.

At only $95, you will complete 4 hours of PD addressing 2.6.2 and 3.4.2 of APST and have the chance to think like the experts in making instructional decisions, structuring learning activities, and employing sound ICT pedagogies in the Early Childhood Education learning environment.

Primary Classroom Strategies: Develop Student ICT Capability Today is the accredited course for you! 


teaching strategies for Early childhood education   teaching strategies for early childhood education


Teaching strategies for Early Childhood Education    Teaching strategies for Early Childhood Education  


Teaching strategies for Early Childhood Education

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