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Accredited Online Professional Learning for Teachers - Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Workshops for Preschool teachers, Kindergarten teachers, and Early Year Primary teachers at there!


We’d like to introduce you to our TQI and NESA accredited Early Childhood Workshops that focus on delivering the expertise you need in an ever-increasing online and digital world to build on a young child’s ICT home experiences and develop their ICT capability through effective early childhood education and care experiences in activities.


Your strategy according to UNESCO for developing ICT capability in Early Childhood Education, therefore, needs to consist of the following:

  1. Develop your potential;
  2. Classify your position;
  3. Set up goals and objectives;
  4. Build your environment;
  5. Promote the professional development of your staff;
  6. Integrate ICT, observe and reflect on teaching and learning with ICT;
  7. Build networks and;
  8. Plan further development.



This training for early childhood educators is essential in order for you to have a well-developed understanding of the role and potential of ICT for supporting young children’s ICT learning. This is so that you can make good decisions about the use of ICT with, or by children.


The professional development for early childhood educators includes 2 online workshops for early childhood teachers in preschool, kindergarten and early primary. Accredited Early Childhood Education workshops consist of a full course and a mini-course:



Early Childhood Education workshops


Build on young children’s ICT home experiences through the effective integration of technology in the preschool classroom, kindergarten classroom early primary classroom with evidence based ICT teaching strategies in early childhood that is proven to develop child ICT capability and ICT literacy. Transform your learning environment and maximise the use of ICT in your early childhood education centre.

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Early Childhood Education workshops

Exploit your expertise in child observation strategies by understanding and practicing formative assessment techniques that enable you to connect the EYLF to the Australian Curriculum. If you find it difficult to make judgements about the conceptual and procedural technological knowledge of a child due to limited knowledge this workshop is for you. Go beyond making comments about whether or not a child completed technological tasks in transition statements today.

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