Digitial Technologies curriculum signed but is it sealed?

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By Michael Hilkemeijer

Last Friday marked the date when Australia's new Digital Technologies curriculum was signed off. After two years, the Education Council finally stamped the new curriculum. However, sources say that time for celebrations may not ripe at present.

The details of the new curriculum won't be out until mid-October. This means that we won't know how effective it will be in delivering the proper education for our students. In addition, the draft of the national strategy of STEM which is said to help the momentum of iniatives and programs in education, is still underway.

Here is a summary of the Digital Technologies Curriculum according to www.theregister.co.uk:

The Digital Technologies Curriculum has been signed off, more than two years after it was completed;
We won't know what's in the Digital Technologies curriculum for about another three weeks, during which time we have no idea how much of it survived the process of reducing "overcrowding" in the national curriculum;
A new review of STEM teaching, with unknown terms of reference, is revisiting how we teach technologies;
There's no published timetable for the new STEM strategy's completion, consideration or implementation.
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