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How to Successfully Integrate Technology in Early Childhood Education?

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You will learn how to successfully start the process of technology integration in early childhood education by understanding and applying research-based strategies. Gain the expertise you need in order to make an impact on child learning with technology today.


Who this course is for?

  • Preschool Teachers
  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Early Primary teachers
  • Child care teachers


This free online professional development for early childhood educators will reveal and give you the expertise you need to get started successfully today!

Inside you will find answers to key questions such as:

  1. What are the key theories underpinning young children learning with technology?
  2. What is technology in early childhood education?
  3. What is technology integration in early childhood education?
  4. What are the basic computers skills for kindergarten, preschool and other early childhood education?
  5. How to teach technology to kindergarten, preschool and early primary?
  6. How to use technology in preschool classrooms? How to use technology in kindergarten classroom?
  7. Why is planning important in early childhood education? (from a technological perspective)
  8. How does technology affect early childhood education? What is the importance of technology in early childhood education?
  9. How to encourage teachers to use technology in the classroom?



Can my centre start this process today?

Yes! This process does not require a high budget. It does require a strong will and a critical approach to your own pedagogical experiences. Additionally, this also involves a good perception of the role of technology in early childhood education, courage, and the need to innovate. The productive process of integration can be started by a strong-minded principal or teacher with one single programmable toy or one digital camera and an ordinary computer.

Benefits of Technology Integration in Early Childhood Education

  • Young students are generally more focused and attentive when there's technology involved compared to the traditional way of learning, which is using the whiteboard. One of the main benefits of involving technology is that it's more engaging and interactive, especially since your main competition is the boredom of students. With technology, this rarely ever happens since their focus is completely engaged.
  • Technology also makes it possible for students to undergo training resources that are paperless. Teachers don't have to undergo the struggle of printing resources for students with their lessons. If it's paperless, it also makes things more convenient for both the student and the teacher.
  • Technology also makes parents' see the progress of their children. With modern technology today, communication is now made easy between teachers and parents. Parents can now keep track of their children's progress with technology.

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