Literacy for Year 4

Literacy for Year 4

Are your students struggling? Or are you just in need for some new lesson plans? Have you tried the ICT strategies? For starters, what is ICT? How does t work? Well, Information and Communication Technology also known as ICT, is the manner of education that uses information and communication technology to support, enhance, and prioritize the delivery of information.

Worldwide studies show that when using ICT, it can really improve students learning and help the teacher with better teaching methods. ICT is both an improvement for teachers and students. Some key examples of how ICT helps the classroom, is that it allows communications through emails, you can do research using the web alongside locating useful resources. May I add, you can also participate in online activities that involves a couple of participants to collaborate with? There are a-lot of online courses as well.

Now with literacy for Year 4, it allows you to express and develop skills. There is background information on the ICT different teaching strategies that will help guide and provide teachers in functional and achievable advice on the best ways to improve your teaching practices for your classroom. Not only that but they are also merged into the lesson plans and procedures needed and provided when presenting each lesson. Due to each class setting having different requirements for the different needs to be met, you can adapt to different learning techniques. Having computers and other helpful technology in place specifically for Special Education students to maximize the opportunities for curriculum activities.


Year 4 Literacy

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Formative Method Assessments sheets have also been added to the ICT strategy to be an aid to you to help monitor how well ICT strategies have been an aid to students throughout its process. A major part of this steam from how well the teacher’s knowledge in the ICT learning strategies is. If your teacher is limited to certain knowledge this will reflect on how poorly the students will learn. So with this four year literacy book, it really breaks down all the foundational things a teacher needs to know to be a more efficient teacher. It allows teachers to expand their knowledge as well. For example, being very familiar with a particular program will allow you the gratitude of being able to identify when students are having difficulties. That is why you can now come up with plans to help students overcome them. These are good for students with special needs to monitor there progression upon using ICT Techniques.


More examples would be enhancing the ways students use Microsoft Word. Learning how to use spell check after writing helps improve text. PowerPoint is also very useful. For students will learn how to make presentations. When first starting out with ICT, students will begin to learn how to copy, paste, underline, bold, search paste etc. Overall, Year 4 with ICT is a very much needed practice in modern day learning.


For technology has taken over the world in a tremendous way, its best we move on with generation. For a lot of programs are being created to help advance students in literacy and numeracy. If the teacher isn't very educated at all in these programs it wouldn't be much use for the students because teachers wouldn't quite know what errors they are looking for, which also put strains on teachers not knowing the proper lesson plans needed to be created to help students grow in aspect they need.


Sometime teachers may come to roadblocks and need help coming up with certain lesson plans, and don't know where to begin. This book will definitely guide you all the way through from beginning to end. Even now, there are reading programs to help students with reading and writing. Students get familiar with conducting short stories as well as essays. How to edit essays and revise them, how to print them and send via emailing tactics. There have also been math activity sites to help enhance students mathematic abilities. No matter the need, I can guarantee that ICT 4 Year Literacy is exactly what you need to help your class succeed in ways you may not have known.

On this website, Teachers pay teachers, you will find a variety of different worksheets and activities as well that teachers can incorporate in their daily teaching habits. The subjects and categories is endless ranging from multiple choice worksheets, to short reading comprehension stories that you can give to students to help better their reading comprehension. Never stumble upon a brick wall again.


I can assure you teacher never go so easy before until know. One of the best investments one can ever make. So what are you waiting for? Go on over the website and do your own research on why this book is a necessity to you. Principles should invest in these types of settings for school environments. More and more schools are adopting the idea of giving students laptops even iPads to help them advance on to the next stage. Honestly it really keeps them engaged. They can also play reading games and math games using these laptops/ computers and tablets.


Not only is it fun sometimes but also jumps over the loopholes most teachers face in the lesson planning field. You may not know what to teach today don't worry ICT got your back. Don't be afraid to do reach and google up different teaching strategies that can help improve both you the teacher and the students learning and comprehension abilities.

As I conclude, trying to incorporate such strategies can be an adjustment. May I add, once all parties are on the same page, the learning environment will flow oh so smoothly. Always remember it's the teachers’ job to make sure you understand everything to a tee, which includes your lesson plans, before trying to relay it over to your students for this will create mass confusion.