Year 3 Literacy Activities

Year 3 Literacy Activities


At our Teachers Pay Teachers Australia store we have one of our best sellers – Year 3 Literacy activities with ICT.


If you are after a number of great literacy activities that use ICT then this is the one for you because what makes our year 3 literacy program the best is that they also come with:


  • Strategies for teaching literacy with ICT;
  • Assessment strategies for literacy activities with ICT;
  • Curriculum aligned year 3 lesson plans;
  • And up to 20 year 3 literacy activities aligned with the national curriculum.


Year 3 Literacy Activities

Year 3 English PDF

So how would you apply these literacy activities?


Being aligned to the Australian Curriculum English learning area means that you can be assured that they meet the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.


It also means that your planning of year 3 literacy activities would also be well informed and this would in turn mean that you are enabling every student to achieve the curriculum targets.


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Here is a list of year 3 literacy program that you might expect when you purchase this from our Teachers Pay Teachers Australia for just $10!


  • Response to visual text – Using the callout shapes tool
  • Informative text – Redrafting written work
  • Narrative text – Creating a sequential narrative from pictures
  • Narrative text – Describing emotions and body language
  • Narrative story writing with PowerPoint
  • Persuasive text with PowerPoint.


Then we Cross Curricular Year 3 literacy activities such as:

  • Media arts
  • Science and HASS
  • LOTE


We also have Email activities and webpage creation activities just to get you inspired to create some interesting year 3 literacy activities with ICT yourself.



COST: $10 at Teachers Pay Teachers Australia (Rated 4 out of 5 Stars!)


This resource is highly engaging and motivating for students and leads to increased learning in literacy.



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