How to Promote opportunities for ICT in Role Play

How to Promote opportunities for ICT in Role Play

By Michael Hilkemeijer


Role play helps children make sense of the world. Therefore, it must also reflect the technological world in which we all live in.


If well-planned, it can encourage cooperative play and gives the children opportunities to use language, develop literacy and numeracy skills.


Incorporating ICT into role play can give children the confidence they need to use new ICT tools with which they are familiar with and this helps even those who might otherwise be reluctant to do so.


When planning role play, it is important to consider what technology the children have at home but to understand whether the children are allows to use the technology and for what purpose.




Important things to consider when planning role play with ICT include:


  • As an early childhood teacher, that you value and understand these developing competencies in ICT – this will help you to plan for challenging and stimulating role play with clear learning intentions that build on what the children already know and do.


  • Planning will be informed by discussions with other teachers and parents and by ongoing observations and assessments of the children.


  • Develop a clear understanding of children’s ICT competencies, in particular in relation to the vast range of technologies with which children come into contact.


  • Appreciate the links between home use of ICT and children’s ICT competencies in order to further develop competencies in the early childhood setting.



We all develop our competencies in ICT differently due to access we have to ICTs at home.


If you are to understand these competencies in ICT you will also need to:

  1. Ask parents and carers more than just what ICT is available at home.
  2. Ascertain what access children have had to ICT devices.
  3. Understand the nature of ICT activities children have had at home.



So when you start to plan to use ICT in role plays it is best that you consider:

  • The life experiences and knowledge of children;
  • If the children will be involved in the setting up of the role play and what will they do;
  • What the attitudes of the adults involved the role play will be;
  • What spaces you have available;
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • How much time is available for the setting’s daily routine?
  • Is there the opportunity for the role play to develop over time?
  • The quality and appropriateness of the resources.


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