Preschool Workshops for Teachers Online

Preschool Workshops for Teachers Online

Welcome to our list of digital play based learning professional development for early childhood practitioners. You can gain instant access to ALL these courses – free as a member when you join our ICT in Education Teacher Academy.


Play based learning is an established part of early childhood education and it provides opportunities for children to explore ideas, experiment with materials and engage with other people for learning.


Digital play in early childhood education involves young children in many combinations of activities using a range of digital and non-digital resources either by themselves or in collaboration with others. They create, consume and share digital content using software and apps.


By enrolling in our digital play based learning professional development you will be able to take part in online workshops that will equip you with evidence-base and research digital pedagogy in early childhood education.


Why do you need digital pedagogy?

Throwing a computer into early childhood learning environment and just exposing young children to digital technologies doesn’t make the learning effective. In fact, research shows that it will just cause the creation of haphazard skills.


Teachers need to understand how to use digital technology effectively, understand the learning theories behind the practice and how to select the right technology for the learning outcomes they seek.


The effective employment of a digital pedagogy in early childhood education will result in an increased attainment in key learning areas along with the development of child ICT capability and digital literacy.


We will help you develop a set of pedagogical skills that will allow you to use digital technology effectively in your teaching and learning activities in the early childhood learning environment by developing a set of early childhood pedagogies that quite specific.


You will develop a digital pedagogy for early childhood learning environment that is associated with creative technologies, technology and play, literacy and numbery, and social skills.


Join our digital play based learning professional development as a stand-alone online workshop or gain instant access to all of them as member of our Academy today.