Importance of improving ICT capability in the Victorian Curriculum

Importance of improving ICT capability in the Victorian Curriculum

In the Victorian Curriculum, one of the best ways to help students develop information and communications technology (ICT) capability is by encouraging them to use the digital technologies that they are able to access. This way, they will be able to adapt to the demands of doing things in a digital environment.   As a teacher, it is very important to be conversant with the latest ICT trends. This will put you in a greater position to be able to help students elevate their ICT capability. On this website, we have an online course to help you in this endeavor. It is called “Assess Student ICT Capability”. Enrolling in the course gives you an opportunity to get the tools you need to help your students embrace ICT in their learning.  Although the Victorian Curriculum is not the same as the Australian Curriculum, there are striking similarities. In recent years, there has been a shift towards embracing ICT as a way of improving the way students receive knowledge in both curriculums. 

What is the importance of improving ICT capability in the classroom 

In the Victorian Curriculum, there is a requirement for teachers to report on the progress of their students’ ICT capability. These include critical thinking, creative thinking, personal, social and intercultural abilities among others.   Many studies have concluded that incorporating ICT into the learning process provides students with opportunities and tools that they need to be able to be successful in the information age. The traditional educational environment is just not suited to preparing learners who can be productive in the modern workplace.   Basically, any teacher who is not embracing the use of ICT in the classroom cannot claim to be preparing students for careers in the 21st century. Whereas it was originally used to improve efficiency in the overall educational process, institutions have realized that there are many other benefits that are associated with using ICT in education.  

Victorian Curriculum - ICT teaching strategies

What are the factors influencing the use of ICT in education? 

1.Teachers’ attitudes  

The successful implementation of ICT in schools that use the Victorian Curriculum largely depends on the support of teachers. If teachers have a positive attitude towards technology, they can easily provide the insights needed for the ICT to be a part of the curriculum.  

2.ICT competence  

ICT competence is, basically, the ability to handle various computer applications for varying purposes. If teachers have a higher competence, then their schools are more likely to have a higher ICT capacity. It goes without saying that a teacher who has experience using computers will be more confident when using them to teach in a classroom.  


Access to the necessary ICT infrastructure plays an important role in determining whether ICT is integrated in schools or not. Without important hardware and software, it is impossible for schools to adopt ICT.  

4.Technical support  

Without technical assistance, regular breakdowns of computers can end up interrupting learning and hindering ICT capacity in the Victorian Curriculum. That is why it is so important for schools to have a good level of technical support so that ICT integration is quicker and successful.  

In summary 

As the use of ICT in education in the Victorian Curriculum continues to grow, the need for teachers to have the necessary competencies is also growing. Our “Assess Student ICT Capability” is meant to give teachers the ability to adapt to the changing trends in education and technology.  



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