ICT Teaching Strategies

ICT Teaching Strategies

ICT has changed the face of education in many ways. Even teaching has changed for the better due to ICT teaching strategies. In the context of teaching, and learning in general, ICT (information communication technologies) refers to a broad range of technological tools and resources necessary to create, transmit, store and manage information in a learning environment.  

These tools include laptops, cell phones, computers, video conferencing devices, and other objects of this nature. Devices of this nature have become very common today, and they reflect the spirit and nature of learning in the 21st century. Therefore, as a teacher, mastering the use of ICT skills is indispensable.  

This is mainly because ICT creates new learning environments, and teachers should be not be afraid to accept this paradigm shift for the sake of their profession and the success of their students.  

Through the use of ICT tools and their innate capabilities, teachers can educate their students on a variety of issues, measure their learning progress, and even enhance their learning. ICT tools can also help improve students behavior, which can result in better leaning outcomes as well.  

With the use of ICT, planning, exploring new learning technologies, collaborating with students and colleagues, and meeting teaching deadlines is also a lot easier on the teachers. Quite simply, ICT teaching strategies make it easier to do more for the students, but with a reduced effort on the teacher's part.  However, the proper application of ICT strategies by teachers does not come naturally, some knowledge and skills are required. Taking a course on ICT teaching strategies is the best way to learn how to integrate iCT in the classroom to make teaching easier and the uptake of information more effective for the students.  

There are a number of technological skill teachers require in order to use ICT strategies properly and reap all the benefits that come from their use. Some of these skills include word processing, spreadsheet, and database management skills. Use of email, understanding web navigation, and creation and use of electronic presentations is also important. Of course these skills are based on a basic understanding of ICT such as learning to use mobile phones, the internet, computers and other ICT tools.  

Proper integration of ICT into teaching is critical to its effectiveness. So, if you are a teacher, you should feel obliged to know as much as possible about ICT teaching strategies. Fortunately, these informational resources are available on our site.  As a teacher, you will also learn that the use of ICT in teaching is not a one-sided affair – the effectiveness of the ICT strategies and tools is a critical part of ICT in teaching. For instance, you should be in a position to know why students prefer one ICT tool over another and so forth.  

You just have to explore the content on this site, especially by going to our teaching resources page. The website and the articles posted on ICT strategies should offer your some direction regarding the proper application of ICT in learning. Best of all, we also provide courses on ICT teaching strategies, and these will ensure that you are fully conversant with the role ICT can play in teaching. More importantly, you will learn to use ICT better in your profession as a teacher.  

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