NEW online professional development course for teachers

05 Dec, 2017

Online professional development course for Primary ICT Coordinator


Online Professional Development Course for Primary ICT Coordinators


We are excited to announce the launch of our new online PD for primary educators - The Primary ICT Coordinator's Guide to Leadership!

The self-paced course contains 6 modules absolutely packed with practical and immediately actionable advice on how you can steer your primary school towards becoming ICT capable. 

As the ICT coordinator, you need to remember that most important judgement about the worth of your school will be its changes it brings about its students over time. This will mostly be the knowledge and learning children have gained through being in your school. 


Key takeaways include:

  • Defining your leadership style;
  • Understanding your role and how to improve it;
  • Determing what aspects of the school need to change;
  • Strategically plan to achieve the school's vision in ICT;
  • Empower you colleagues for change;
  • Generate a plan of action for the integration of ICT across the whole school;
  • Promote pedagogies in ICT;
  • Coordinate assessment across the school and;
  • Enable a safe online learning environment.


The course is aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 2.6.4, 3.4.4, 6.1.4 and 6.4.4. It will provide you with 6 hours of PD to add to your CPD records of which you are required to have 20 hours per year or 100 hours over 5 years depending on which state you are in.

It is available at OpenLearning now for only $100 (normally $120) until 14 December 2017. So you SAVE!!!

However, if you are not into online courses then this option may be of interest to you. The course comes with a FREE ebook which you can purchase separately from 'Teachers Pay Teachers' for just $20! Take a look at it contents now!


Cover Page - Primary ICT Coordinator


So what are you waiting for, enrol in this course now or buy ebook (SALE on Now!!)