The Victorian Curriculum requires teachers reporting on Student Progress in ICT capability

The Victorian Curriculum requires teachers reporting on Student Progress in ICT capability

In September 2015, the Victorian government published the new Victorian Curriculum F-10. The new Victorian curriculum requires teachers to utilize the achievement standards stipulated in the curriculum to measure student progress. The new curriculum is the only one in Australia that require teachers to report the progress of students in ICT capability. The new curriculum sets the state of Victoria above the rest in terms of measuring the progress of students.

The Victorian curriculum aims at developing students in four broad areas and they include ethics, critical and creative thinking, and intercultural, personal and social capabilities. The curriculum is not limited to the aforementioned areas because it includes the three extra capabilities in the Australian curriculum.

The Importance of Measuring ICT Capabilities 

The reason the curriculum of Victoria is ahead of the rest is that it enables teachers to plan for student progress in ICT capabilities. The curriculum enables teachers to understand the ICT skills students currently possess, the improvements they need to make, and their future development. Experts in education, consider assessing students’ ICT skills as creating a starting point for their continued progress in ICT capabilities.

Victorian Curriculum - ICT teaching strategies

How Will Teachers Measure Student Progress? 

Most of ICT work is practical and teachers are likely to use formative assessment methods in checking student progress. The best way to assess students’ ICT skills is giving them tasks to do while monitoring the approach they use. It is important that the ICT skills students acquire in the classroom mirror those occurring in society. 

Measuring student progress in ICT capabilities should also be done in groups to ensure that students can share resources, and possess the capacity to collaborate in groups. For instance, unequal sharing of ICT resources may occur if one student prevents others from using a computer. On the other hand, a laid-back student may just sit and let others do all the work on his/her behalf. 

Students with Personal Computers Are At an Advantage

Children who can access computers at home are at an advantage because they can do ICT homework. Experts in education have urged schools to compensate children who cannot access computers at home by building after-school computer labs. To prevent cheating from students who do their ICT assignment at home, teachers should counter-check the assignment by asking the student to demonstrate the skills he/she used in completing the task. 

The ability to access quality ICT resources or failure to do so can determine whether a student will pass or fail his/her exams. It is evident that not all students in the state of Victoria have access to computers and relevant programs at home. Our organization aims at filling this gap by offering online courses for primary school teachers. The ICT skills will equip primary school teachers with the knowledge they need to implement the new curriculum.

Students’ ICT capabilities can no longer be ignored because it is mandatory in the state of Victoria for teachers to report on the progress of students in ICT skills. Enrolling in our online courses ensures that teachers are equipped with all the necessary ICT skills to teach and evaluate students.

Will The ICT Course Be An Independent Course In Secondary Schools?

Schools in Victoria have the discretion of determining how to implement the curriculum. Schools have the options of offering the ICT course, as a standalone subject or as an integrated subject. Regardless of the teaching approach chosen, students must be subjected to clear instruction in ICT content. After reaching level 7 or 8 in the ICT course, students are taught technical and specialized aspects of ICT.

Our online ICT courses have special packages that enable teachers to impart advanced ICT skills , and they should not hesitate to enroll because we offer the best opportunity for teachers to acquire more skills. 

The Impact of the New Victorian Curriculum

The new curriculum has inspired other states to start thinking of implementing measures to ensure student progress and continuity in ICT skills. Experts have observed that if other states do not follow the example of Victoria, they risk being left behind in ICT skills in the near future. Currently, a plethora of literature documents the benefits of assessing students’ ICT capabilities using mandatory tests. Moreover, the 21st century is an era of ICT, and possessing advanced skills is necessary.

Enrolling in our online courses assists teachers in advancing their ICT skills, and enable them to impart skills that will help students solve real problems in society using ICT.

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