A Bridge to Fill the Gap

A Bridge to Fill the Gap

Many of our teachers across Australia could be missing out on potential methods of teaching due to their lack of understanding of how technology integration can open up new, possibly boundless pathways of learning for young children in preschools.

With a high number of teachers expressing positive results when it comes to already integrating technological devices in early years classrooms previously, there are also a high number of those to whom we entrust the duty of education who would like to learn even more about the possibilities of using devices with young pupils. Many agree that one of the best ways to do this is through in-depth workshops for preschool teachers that focus specifically on integrating technology to provide more assistance for teachers.

Some reports have shown that without sufficient training, Australian preschools could see a one-third fall in the amount of available trained teachers, and so workshops can serve as a way to fill that hole.


Along with the positives when it comes to supporting preschool teachers in the quest to create stable, engaging introductions to education, the workshops have many obvious benefits for the pupils, too. For example, studies and surveys show that digital whiteboards, tablets, and other technical educational devices have strengthened the relationships and quality of communication between teacher and child. The level of interaction between teacher and pupil is increased due to access to new resources and new, unique atmospheres in which children can start their journey into education.

These new strategies can also be used to educate children on how to use these devices (and the internet along with them) in a safe, productive way, learning about the dangers and blind spots that go hand-in-hand with the opportunities afforded by them. The workshops can also aid teachers in getting these messages of safety across clearly and efficiently, allowing more time for developing the interactions between teacher, pupil, and education itself.

As well as instructional use for lessons, devices used in the classroom can aid in allowing a higher quality mode of assessments and evaluations, as well as record-keeping and storage of the children's individual pieces of work.


Workshops aimed at preschool teachers provide the opportunity to reach a new level of skill and expertise at the first step in our schooling system, which will only cause further beneficial chain-reactions in the trajectory of teaching in general. With the expertise and knowledge gained by teachers, the use of technology in preschool learning will also likely rise. In addition to providing support, opportunities, and strategies, focused workshops that centre around the integration of technology in preschools can allow teachers to plan lessons in more efficient ways, allowing more time for interaction and communication in the classroom.

A key way to develop personal skills while also developing as a professional is to manage time well, and this is where focused workshops can also benefit preschool teachers. With workshops, the research has already been done by and with experienced experts, allowing more opportunity for teachers to concentrate on developing their preferred method of practice when it comes to one of our most vital professions.


In conclusion, there is more than enough evidence and more reasons than can be counted as to why now is the time to kick-start the next phase of educational infrastructure.

As previously mentioned, it is not only beneficial for the teachers but also highly influential on the learning and understanding of the child, as well as aiding in building better relationships with education from an early age. Those who can teach and those who teach should do what is best for the children. In this case, there seems no better way than to sign up for a technology integration workshop, so search for a good one in your area today.

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