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Teaching Strategies for Literacy with ICT Accredited Course

  • Price: $200

In this workshop for primary school teachers, you will learn how to enhance literacy with ICT activities whilst developing student ICT capability. It is through embedding to provide them with meaningful activities, embedded in purposeful literacy-related contexts.


Within our online literacy workshops for elementary teachers, you will learn about the two important aspects of literacy-technology integration:

  1. Using technology to teach more effectively and enhance the learning of skills and strategies that currently make up a strong English/literacy curriculum and;
  2. Effectively teaching and enhancing the learning of skills and strategies that make up the strong English/literacy curriculum of the future.


 Teaching Primary Literacy with ICT in the Australian Curriculum English KLA

"ICT capability is an important component of the Australian Curriculum: English. Students use ICT when they interpret and create print, visual and multimodal texts. They use communication technologies when they conduct research online, and collaborate and communicate with others electronically. In particular, they use ICT to access, analyse, modify and create hybrid, digital and multimodal texts, using digital publishing." (ACARA)


Application of Teaching Strategies for Literacy in the Curriculum

In this literacy workshops for teachers, you will be able to apply these teaching strategies for literacy with ICT in the following areas of the English Learning Area (F-6):

  • EARLY STAGE 1 - ACELA1433 & ACELY1654
  • STAGE 1 - ACELA1450; ACELA1466; ACELT1586; ACELY1661; ACELY1664; ACELA1674
  • STAGE 2 - ACELA1790; ACELA1793; ACELY1682; ACELY1607; ACELY1685
  • STAGE 3 - ACELA1797; ACELA1511; ACELY1700; ACELY1703; ACLEY1704; ACLEY1707

SEE below for your copy of Curriculum Activities. 




Who joins this workshop?

Participants who join our literacy workshops for elementary teachers are:

  • K-6 Primary school teachers
  • Literacy and Numeracy support teachers
  • Literacy coaches at primary schools


What will you learn?

By the end of our literacy workshops for teachers, you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact and role your own capabilities in ICT have on literacy teaching.
  • Enhance literacy learning with ICT.
  • Employ sound literacy with ICT teaching strategies.
  • Develop meaningful literacy with ICT activities.
  • Implement inclusive strategies in the literacy lesson.
  • Embed formative assessment strategies to determine the effectiveness of ICT in literacy learning.
  • Support literacy learning with ICT effectively.
  • Apply curriculum-aligned literacy with ICT activities with confidence.


How are you supported?

You will receive support in the following ways:

  • Quick answers to questions you may post;
  • Curriculum aligned literacy with ICT activities;
  • Learning of teaching strategies for literacy with ICT;
  • Monthly articles in our blog on course changes and new information in relation to applying strategies.


Why learn online?

  • You can apply the theory learned in the workshop as you go into your classroom.
  • Low cost
  • Self-paced.
  • Collaborate with fellow colleagues around the globe.


TQI Teaching strategies for literacy with ICT  NESA accredited online course Teaching Strategies for Literacy with ICT

NESA and TQI registered Literacy workshops for elementary teachers.


This Course for Teachers comes with Bonus Materials...

Literacy with ICT


Upon completion of the course, you will receive the Year level (F-5) of your choice which contains:

  • Australian Curriculum English Learning Area lesson plan templates based on the curriculum content descriptors;
  • Teacher guide - advice and suggestions to do with teacher knowledge of resources and other teaching strategies for the classroom.
  • Up to 100 literacy-ICT activities to choose from aligned with the national curriculum.


Course Cost: $200

Course Facilitator: Michael Hilkemeijer

Completing this course will contribute to 5 hrs of NESA and 8 hrs of TQI PD addressing 2.6.2, 3.4.2, and 2.5.2 (TQI) of APST towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW, Victoria, Qld, and ACT.

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Literacy with ICT  Literacy with ICT  

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