Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

When it comes to discussing program that teaches professional development, there are plenty of vital aspects that should be taken into consideration. With methods of education undergoing constant alteration, the need for teacher’s professional grooming and development has gained importance. Of course, it’s the quality education that helps nourish young minds and steers them towards the right path for better future. In order to be able to provide the right type of education to the students, a teacher is required to possess the following qualities:

· Leadership

· Resilience

· Teaching

· Flexibility

· Effectiveness


What professional development does is that it helps incorporate and instil all these qualities in a person, thereby certifying him or her as a trained teacher. This type of training encompasses a course curriculum where teachers get the opportunity to learn about various ways of performing effective and productive teaching practices while letting them know how to go about their implementation in a practical scenario. In addition to building confidence and enhancing personality development, this training also fosters inspiration and motivation among the teachers. 

A professional development program could be considered effective and useful only if it proves to be valuable to the teachers in a direct manner. Not only should the training be inspiring, but it must also have the ability to empower individuals. Moreover, an effective development program needs to be able to divide the syllabus or the whole curriculum into different small chunks, each coupled with a well thought-out, direct action plan. Moreover, the plan should be broken down into well-defined steps for easier understanding and better implementation. With that said, such kind of plan should be in complete conformity with the policies of the school. 

Finally, a program that teaches professional development needs to be fun. When the concept of making teaching more fun is introduced and incorporated in the program, it helps teachers understand as to how they could possible make education a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the youngsters. In this way, a teacher could grab various concepts relating to the new classroom practices and technologies, which are being popularly followed in the schools nowadays. Moreover, proper professional guidance can really help and support teachers in getting a better pay as well as promotion. This could keep teachers updated about latest developments and happenings in this field, which is a pre-requisite for delivering quality education.

With that being said, teacher’s professional development could take up various forms. For instance, a development program could be crafted and designed as straightforward as observation of master and teacher. Or, it could just be about taking part in a personally chosen teaching workshop. Moreover, an individual can also get to take part in a mentor training program. Professional training could be designed for bother fresh as well as experienced teachers to help augment their skills and knowledge. Most often, PD sessions are conducted in schools. As such, all types of training workshops contribute towards unity and bonding among teachers. Thus, all these aspects testify to the fact that professional development is an important aspect in attaining desired results in teaching. 

In the present workplace environment, teachers are confronted with often stressful situations and circumstances. There are performance reviews, deadlines, and professional development requirements, in addition to different other things. New teachers who are just starting out are expected to live up to high standards when it comes to meeting the specific requirements of their students. On the other hand, more experienced teachers are required to adapt to new teaching techniques and methods. Continuous education is important for teachers who aim to excel in their field, thereby improving and enhancing their skills. However, most teachers are not aware of how to find a good program that teaches professional development in an effective manner. 

In order to become a successful teacher, teachers need to possess sound knowledge and understanding of the subject material that they are teaching their students. What teacher’s professional development does is that it enables teachers to perceive how students learn and process the information which they are being provided with. Furthermore, teachers will be given an opportunity to practice new strategies, which they can later incorporate into classroom environment, like role playing and cooperative learning. Thanks to the incorporation of various teaching methodologies, the performance of the students is likely to improve, allowing both teachers and students to benefit from enhanced performance. Therefore, it is imperative for teachers to be fully prepared not only at the beginning of their careers, but to be in a constant process to further their expertise throughout their careers. 

Teachers should be able to meet higher academic performance expectations during this period. For example, students in different school districts need to achieve specific test scores to be able to advance to the next level. Furthermore, teachers must fulfill state requirements as prescribed by the federal government. Though teachers must not be blamed completely for low test scores, the quality of teaching does have some reflection on the resulting data. According to a research study, there is a strong correlation between professional development programs and enhanced student learning. Knowledge and quality of the teacher holds huge importance in terms of the performance expertise of the students.

For teachers who are teaching at under-performing schools, professional development program could be utilized as a means toward achieving better performance. Students having language barriers and those living in unstable home environment must be dealt with by the teacher in unique ways. Though the job of teachers in such situation could be more difficult and complex, they are still required to meet the desired standards. 

Considering the fact that the job of a teacher is complex and subject to continuous changes, it is crucial for teachers to be completely aware of new opportunities available for growth. Program that teaches professional development is a method to improvement of not just skill, but performance in the classroom environment as well. All elements are in control of the teacher, as they are the ones who need to decide as to which methods should be implemented.  

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