Assessing the capabilities of students in ICT

Assessing the capabilities of students in ICT

Before you teach... you plan, and before you assess student ICT capability. The beginning of the journey for ICT capability development!

ICT capability is an important 21st century skill that ALL students must have in order to participate in an knowledge-based economy and be empowered within a technologically dominated society.

The development of student ICT capability is something that exists wherever students use ICT in the classroom and teachers should plan to effectively capitalise on every opportunity they have in their curriculum to help students progress in their learning.


Why take this course?

You will learn how to meet your curriculum requirement by challenging students intellectually with effective techniques to ensure progression and continuity in student ICT capability. Plus the expertise to explicitly assess their capabilities and overcome issues in determining their attainment.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about integrating ICT and developing ICT capability in the National Curriculum:
  • Plan and identify opportunities for assessment;
  • Determine progression in the National Curriculum;
  • Unlock barriers to assessing ICT capability;
  • Establish a relevant and meaningful learning environment in Early Years;
  • Gather strong empirical evidence of attainment;
  • Share learning outcomes with parents and colleagues;
  • Make an informed decision about assessment strategies for your classroom and school.



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