2 Benefits of Professional Development that Teachers Need To Know About

2 Benefits of Professional Development that Teachers Need To Know About

According to research, the longer teachers spend on professional development activities, the more they feel it contributes to the quality of their teaching. But that's not all. Professional development can have a positive effect on how a student learns and progresses through the school year. Here are 2 benefits of professional development that teachers need to know about.

1. It can help students with comprehension and basic classroom skills

According to research in the 1990s, students improved their reasoning capacities and ability to problem solve when their teachers continued to have education and training. The result? Students improved their performance in the classroom significantly. Research like this indicates that professional development can have benefits for the student, teacher, and school, and can ensure that the teacher-student relationship is strengthened. Another study showed that students experienced improvements in basic classroom skills, such as reading and mathematics, when their teachers had specialised professional development training.

2. It can help teachers with career prospects and developing new skills in the classroom

As education is continuously evolving, schools are always looking for new ways that staff can improve the quality of their teaching. Professional development can be one of the most effective ways to do this as it provides teachers with a core set of brand new skills they can use inside and outside the classroom. From improved critical thinking and problem solving to better communication skills, professional development ensures that teachers have more resources, skills, and tools when in a learning environment. This training provides them with the abilities and talents they need in a rapidly moving world - where technology can change quickly and influence teaching methods. Through professional development, teachers will be able to improve their career prospects and learn life-long skills that will prove useful in other job positions.




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