Online PD for Teachers

Online PD for Teachers

Professional development (PD) courses for teachers are designed keeping in mind day-to-day teaching and leadership practices that are currently the norm. By pursuing them, teachers not only are able to improve upon their teaching skills but they are also able to put themselves ahead of their peers in terms of the classroom technology education curve.

However, in most cases, the school-offered PD courses are either simply not up to the mark or they are too broad in scope, which is often not found to be very helpful. Yet other problems affecting the school mandated PD courses are that the school is simply unable to afford a quality training course for its teachers in terms of time or money. In such cases then, it is up to the teacher to manage his/her own professional development in a proper way.

This is where online professional development courses come in handy for teachers.

Online Professional Development for Teachers

With an online PD course, teachers are able to fulfil the mandatory continuing education requirements, and push the boundaries of learning through latest research based content and cutting-edge technology. Some of the perceived benefits of an online PD course are-:

1) Flexibility in learning - All the courses are available anytime and can be accessed from anywhere, thus, helping teachers avoid any inconvenience due to schedule conflicts or lack of time.

2) Cost-effective - Online PD courses generally cost about a fraction of the more traditional courses, and at the same time they help fast-track teaching creds, salary and leadership skills.

3) Peer Engagement - When pursuing an online PD course, teachers get to work with their peers who face similar problems as part of a continually engaged community. This promotes team-based learning and collaboration between various schools and districts.

4) Immediate Results - Teachers are able to take away real-time and real-world solutions for various problems, which they can immediately apply in their classrooms for everyone's benefits.

Best Online Professional Development Course for Teachers

There are plenty of open online learning courses available that offer the highest quality faculty-led courses based on the latest research. These involve live teaching sessions as well as pre-recorded sessions. ICTE Solutions provides one of the most promising online PD courses that focuses on the development of student ICT (Information & Communication Technology) capability and literacy by helping teachers stay up-to-date with their skills. By using webinars, workshops and practical tools, ICTE Solutions allows teachers to go beyond just using technology in the classrooms and inculcate ICT capability in students in the most effective manner.

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