Online Courses for Primary Teachers

Online Courses for Primary Teachers

Accredited Professional Development


Our accredited online courses for teachers will enable you to think like the experts in making instructional decisions, structuring ICT activities and employing ICT pedagogical strategies in Early Childhood, Primary Education and Educational Leadership in ICT integration.


They encourage the use of a variety of features related to knowledge, skills and practice.


All focus on deepening your Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge through delivering evidence-based high impact teaching strategies in primary school.


All are NESA approved online courses in addition to being TQI registered online courses for primary school teachers.



“This course has been beneficial. I have learned more about how to integrate ICT in the classroom and how to support the students who struggle in this area. The readings have been particularly useful and it has been great to see other professionals and their use of ICT in the classroom.” Kerrie O’Brien


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learnt the importance of ICT in all schools. This course has enhanced my ideas of classroom practice by giving me confidence in knowing that I was on the right track." Louise Craig


"I will definitely employ these ideas. Great tips!" Andrew Erickson


"This was a great course because I now feel more confident that I was on the right track with my knowledge of ICT in the classroom. I feel better prepared to assist my students to achieve their goals within the ICT component of the curriculum." Genevieve Duck


"I consider myself to be highly confident in ICT, however, through this comprehensive course I learnt things I never knew about. I honestly feel so much more empowered as a Primary educator when teaching and assessing ICT capability as a result of completing this course." Amanda Thompson


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