How does technology affect Early Childhood Education

How does technology affect Early Childhood Education

With the rampant rise of technological advancements today, there are both advantages and disadvantages of technology in early childhood education.

There's no denying the fact that if used in the right way, technology can have a positive effect to early childhood education. However, as much as wish it's just positive effects we see, there's also some negative.


The following are both some positive and negative effects of technology to early childhood education:



  • Young students are generally more focused and attentive when there's technology involved compared to the traditional way of learning, which is using the whiteboard. One of the main benefits in involving technology is that it's more engaging and interactive, especially since your main competition is the boredom of students. With technology, this rarely ever happens since their focus is completely engaged.


  • Technology also makes it possible for students to undergo training resources that are paperless. Teachers don't have to undergo the struggle of printing resources for students with their lessons. If it's paperless, it also make things more convenient for both the student and the teacher.


  • Technology also makes parents' see the progress of their children. With modern technology today, communication is now made easy between that of teachers and parents. Parents can now keep track of their children's progress with technology.


The negative effects of technology in early childhood education are:

  • As lesson is being discussed, if there's technology in the picture, young students may use technology for the wrong usage rather than the right ones.
  • Another disadvantage is that early exposure of young students at an early age may lead to a lack of their social skills. Once they've been accustomed to having technology at their grasp, there would no longer be a need to exert effort to socialize with their friends or their family. Technology was built to enhance the essence of technology but if you're not careful enough, it can have a dangerous effect.
  • This can lead to a lack of critical thinking skills and their attention span may decrease since they're going to be accustomed to getting information with one click of a button. If technology is overused, the very advantages of technology can be used against it and can disrupt any benefits technology could provide for young children.

In conclusion, technology can generally affect young students when it comes to their education, both in good and bad ways.


As with anything, too much of anything can be crucial and destructive and the same goes for technology. With the trend in modern technology today, there's nothing wrong with making efficient use of this when it comes to learning and education- it can actually be a good thing.


However, it's still good to take extra precaution when choosing to implement technology in early childhood education.

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