10 Ways to Boost Tech Integration in Childhood Education

10 Ways to Boost Tech Integration in Childhood Education

By Michael Hilkemeijer

As an early childhood teacher, it is your responsibility to have technology in your practice that is appropriate and beneficial to young children. However, through being an advocate for more appropriate technology for young children together with parents better decisions can be made as consumers of technology and it can be made known to developers of technology when you are unhappy with products.


Parents first need to be educated on the beneficial use of technology in early childhood education so that together you can wield greater influence on the development of technology.


As an early childhood teacher, you can do the following:


  1. Provide information to parents on the benefits and use of appropriate software.
  2. Advocate for computer hardware that can be upgraded easily as new technology becomes available.
  3. Encourage software publishers to make previewing of software easier for parents and ECTs;
  4. Advocate for a system of software review by ECTs.
  5. Promote the development of software and technology applications that routinely incorporate features that cater for the needs of learners with different abilities.
  6. Advocate for software that promotes positive representation of gender, cultural and linguistic diversity and abilities. Software publishers should create a balance of programs that appeal to both boys and girls.
  7. Encourage software publishers to create programs that support collaboration among learners rather than competition. Fostering cooperative learning enhances the acceptance of the abilities of all learners.
  8. Encourage software publishers to develop programs that reflect appropriate, nonviolent ways to solve problems and correct mistakes.
  9. Develop formal and informal information sharing and support for teachers, parents, and appropriate organisations and community-based programs. Encourage free community access to technology through libraries, schools and so on.
  10. Support policies on federal, state and local levels that encourage funding that supports equity in access to technology for young children and their families.

(Siraj-Blatchford, Whitebread, 2003)


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