Teacher Workshops in Technology Integration

Teacher Workshops in Technology Integration

Technology integration is the use of technology resources such as computer, mobile device like Smartphone, tablet, digital camera, social media platform as well as network, software application, the Internet and so on a regular basis in classroom practice, alongside in the management of a school. Successful technology integration has been attained whilst the use of technology is: 

  • Routine & transparent;
  • Accessible & readily obtainable for the task at hand;
  • Supporting the curricular goals, as well as assisting the students to successfully reach their goals.

Whilst technology integration is at its excellence, a child or a teacher does not end towards thinking that he or she is applying a technology tool, it is second nature. Moreover, students are frequently more actively occupied in projects whilst technology tools are a seamless fraction of the learning method.

Types of Technology Integration

It is often difficult to narrate how technology can influence learning since the term "technology integration" is such an extensive umbrella that covers numerous diverse tools as well as practices; there are a lot of ways technology can become an integral part of the learning method. Just a few of these ways are enumerated below – however new technology tools as well as notions emerge on a regular basis. 

Project-Based Performances Incorporating Technology

Many of the most meticulous projects have been infused with technology from the beginning to the end. Visit our Schools That Work package concerning project-based learning in Maine towards reading concerning a middle school as well as high school that are getting brilliant results from mixing PBL with a one-to-one laptop program. Or read a most up to date blog by Brian Greenberg concerning combining PBL with combined learning.

Game-Based Learning as well as Evaluation

There has been much buzz with regard to the advantages of incorporating simulations in addition to game-based learning activities into classrooms instructions. Visit Video Games for Learning Resource Roundup page towards learning more. Guest blogger Terrell Heick had written concerning the gamifications of educations, or go directly for the realistic resources in addition to reading "Game-Based Learning Units for the Everyday Teacher" of Andrew Miller's.

Learning through Mobiles as well as Handheld Devices

Once extensively dismissed as distractions, devices like cell phones, mp3 players, as well as tablet computers are currently being used as learning tools in forwards-thinking schools. Check out our downloadable guides, Mobile Devices in the Classrooms. Go through a blog by Ben Johnson on applying iPads in the classroom or an article with regard to using cell phones for educational purposes. 

Instructional paraphernalia such as Interactive Whiteboard as well as Student Response Systems

In numerous schools, the days of green chalkboards are already over. Go through an article concerning how to put an interactive whiteboard to perfect use, or one with tips from a teacher professional development ITC regarding her popular ways towards using her whiteboard. Also go through an article concerning using classroom response methods for interactive evaluation as well as watching a video where a student-response technique has been used in a classroom.

Frameworks for Technology Integration

Two normally used models for technology integration have been known as SAMR as well as TPACK.

Technology integration is the use of technology resources -- computers, mobile device such as Smartphone in addition to tablets, social media platforms, digital cameras along with networks, software applications, the Internet and so on in everyday classroom practices, in addition to in the management of a school. Effective technology integration is attained whilst the use of technology is: 

  • Routine as well as clear;
  • Reachable as well as readily obtainable for the task at hand;
  • Supporting the curricular goals, in addition to assisting the students to successfully reach their goals

Lesson Plans

This session covers how to set up as well as save weekly lesson plans in a digital format. Teachers professional development ITC learn concerning the lesson-plan template of the school in Microsoft Word alongside Excel, review the necessary rudiments of the plan, as well as find out how to name as well as save every lesson plan in their own folder on the server of the school, that permits for safe storage as well as easy access. 

Curriculum Mapping

After an introduction to the fundamental features of a curriculum map, teacher professional development ITC become familiar with the tools alongside skills they require to map out their course content for the year. 

Creating E-Portfolios

The school applies electronic portfolios for documenting academic growth of the student as well as success. In order to set these portfolios up, teachers learn towards scanning as well as saving diversity of documents as well as pictures furthermore to create hyperlinks inside a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show. 

Laptops in the Classroom

The teacher professional development ITC review the dos as well as don't s of using laptops with students, together with methods for loading in addition to unloading the laptop cart, fundamental troubleshooting, as well as how to use TrackStar towards focusing Internet browsing of students. They further get an introduction to Web- as well as server-based software programs. 

Handheld Computers

Teachers professional development ITC get hands-on training in using handhelds with students as well as learn basics for example how to take pictures, search for educational software, as well as use a stylus to input text. 

Grade Keeping on the Computer

The school however maintains its data of the students in a Web-based application known as PowerSchool. Teachers professional development ITC obtain introductory as well as ongoing training on how to use the program towards accessing student data as well as input grades moreover notes for their students. 

Taking Advantages of Interactive Whiteboard

These ongoing sessions offer teachers professional development ITC firstly with the fundamentals of using interactive whiteboards as instructional tools, then move on to more advanced topics for example downloading as well as creating flip charts. Teachers professional development ITC start by applying a blank page as an electronic blackboard. And afterwards, they practice more refined skills, for instance, preparing interactive flip charts for use in each subject. 

The Power of PowerPoint

Teachers professional development ITC learns the fundamentals of creating a PowerPoint presentation as well as discovers the many classroom uses of software. They leave the session with a PowerPoint slide showing they can display. 

Handy Resources for Successful Teaching

This session explores 10 perfect online resources for teachers professional development ITC together with teAchnology (lessons plan), Twitter for Teachers (networking), as well as super bookmarking). What is more, teachers find out how to conduct a successful Internet search towards uncovering supplementary learning resources. 

Innovations in Classroom Technology

Teachers get first-hand knowledge concerning the hottest topics in technology towards keeping up with the most up to date applications as well as approaches to interactive teaching in addition to learning. They learn concerning blogs, Twitter, podcasts, wikis, e-books, WebQuests, streaming widgets, video as well as other ways of engaging students.

Email as a Management Tool

Since email volume can be overwhelming, this session shows how teachers professional development ITC can better manage their email as well as use it as a tool for personal organization. It further shows them how to use email towards saving pictures, lesson plans in addition to other significant documents for convenient access moreover, possibly most significant, to document correspondence with parents as well as administrators. 

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