Integrating ICT in Education

Integrating ICT in Education

Since the beginning of the 21st century a new human being’s lifestyle has started to be introduced in a daily life, and too much dependency on the new technologies discovery that never stop to increase every day is observable in our new modern society. A country's education development cannot be achieved without integrating ict in education to have a high quality of the knowledge offered in schools to prepare a long-term strong future.

Integrating ict in education needs a certain understanding of different aspects so that it works better, revising the curriculum in a way it becomes more interactive and more practical, this stimulates students to develop more critical thinking skills and invention during their studies. The ICT usage is very quick to the extent that the time taken to learn something can be very short and productive.

Having proper ICT infrastructures is most important for integrating ict in education, software and hardware usage are needed for its success in schools. The availability of the WIFI in schools can allow students to access online resources, cooperate with other students all over the world, and get the latest updates about the subjects learned.

The schools can benefit from integrating ICT in education, and reduce the cost of money spent on hiring many teachers to teach some subjects while the latter can be taught without a physical appearance and travel expenses incurred, through using video conferences to give lectures, and a student can take many courses in different schools with ease, hence the schools can focus more on keep improving the quality of education and reduce the cost of education.

Integrating ict in education is also about having good financial cost analysis, the usage of cloud-based and applications tools is also a best solution for cost-cutting in schools, as most of them are provided free of charge to create a flexible learning environment, and accessible anywhere using mobile device, laptop etc. The schools do not need to incur maintenance expenses on them.

The introduction of ICT can sound a bit challenging to teachers who are used to the old pedagogy, however integrating ict in education needs to prepare them psychologically and call for ICT experts to give more trainings about linking their curriculum with proper ICT usage methodology to make it more interesting and helpful, later they can be able familiar with ICT usage and create their own digital resources to be spread on different platforms.

Some ICT experts say that integrating ict in education is a process that requires to be implemented delicately. It is always advised to check out best practices, and analyze what has been successful during the whole process and what failed and learn from their mistakes to have a most effective and efficient ICT usage in education. 

The benefits of integrating ict in education give more positive hope for the world future, it continues to prove that education can be smooth and accessible anywhere using different online resources, and learn from a long distance. The cost of education and schools expenses keep reducing because of the easy tools discovered to improve the quality of education at a lower cost.

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