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One of the many privileges which I have enjoyed since I launched my Formative Assessment online course for Primary teachers, is the enormous thrill I get from receiving feedback from teachers.


The most important of all is the one on how their learning has impacted student learning in the classroom.


Watch this video to find out more.


Online Course Overview

Section 1: Overview

  1. What is ICT?
  2. What are your responsibilities in terms of General Capabilities in the Curriculum?
  3. ICT Capability in the Australian Curriculum.
  4. In what context can ICT capability be assessed?
  5. What software is appropriate?
  6. TPACK and SAMR: Where does this course fit into my learning?


Section 2: Why Assess?

  1. The Importance of Assessment
  2. What am I assessing?
  3. What is the desired outcome?
  4. Finding a starting point.
  5. Teacher competence in ICT: Why is this important?


Section 3: Planning, Assessing and Progression

  1. How do I plan for assessment?
  2. How do I identify opportunities for assessments?
  3. How do I use the Learning Continuum to identify progression?
  4. What are the issues and how do I overcome them?


Section 4. Assessing ICT use in Early Childhood Education

  1. When to use ICT in ECE?
  2. What are the specific skills needed?
  3. Guidance on assessment and observations
  4. Assessing higher order skills

To learn more about this in Early Childhood Education, visit our course landing page.


Section 5: Assessing ICT Capability across the Curriculum

  1. Assessment of ICT capability
  2. Designing quality assessments
  3. How to structure assessment activities?


Section 6: Capturing the Application of ICT Capability

  1. Summative or Formative - which is one more appropriate and why?
  2. Using 'WAT', 'WILF' and 'TIB.
  3. What do I need to know and why?
  4. Assessing Higher order skills
  5. Self Assessments - how effective are they?


Section 7: Using Statistical Investigations

  1. How to identify learning outcomes?
  2. What evidence do you need?
  3. How do I gather evidence?


Section 8: Using Assessment Effectively

  1. What makes a good record?
  2. Finding the time
  3. Sharing perspectives across the school
  4. Creating criteria for marking assessment
  5. Effective Report writing
  6. Tips to remember


Section 9: Coordinating Assessment

  1. What assessment do I use?
  2. Measuring student competency
  3. Using questionnaires


Completing this course will contribute to 5 hours of NESA PD addressing 2.6.2 and 5.1.2 of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient teacher accreditation in NSW, Vic, Qld and ACT.

Cost: $95

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