STEM achieves Australian of the Year award

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By Michael Hilkemeijer


In 2016, we published an article on how the World Economic Forum  emphasised how important it is for students in schools to take up STEM subjects. Today, if there is any such evidence as to how far a STEM career can get you.....then this is it!

Recently, the country celebrated the birth of a nation - Australia Day - a day for all Australians to reflect. Once again, there was a bunch of nominees for the recipient of the Australian of the Year award and this year it was all STEM-dominated!

It was Michelle Simmons, a quantum physicist from the UNSW who took out the top honour in Canberra after her team's accomplishments towards developing the first ever quantum computer. This is an area that both Microsoft and Google are heavily invested in.

Michelle Simmons was commended for her efforts by the Premier of NSW, Ms Berejiklian.

The Australian Local Hero award went to Eddie Woo, a Maths teacher,  who started his YouTube channel for a student with cancer and who couldn't attend his class.


STEM in primary education


Why STEM in Primary Education?

STEM education in significant as it is in the age of primary students where imagination flourishes. In the 21st century, skills needed for the workforce include creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Primary education in general lays the foundation for many subjects so STEM-infusing these will help our students become 21st century ready. According to the Partnership for 21st century Skills website, "Learning and innovation skills are increasingly being recognised  as the skills that separate students  who are prepared for life in the 21st century workforce."

As young children we dream a lot and it if for this reason why STEM-infused subjects need to be taught. These dreams only represent a fraction of the future careers future generations of children will face. None of us older generation cannot even contemplate what type of society these children will live in. We must prepare children to be successful in an unknown future and to guide them to actively participate in it.


The Best ICT Jobs for 2018

STEM careers will also open the doors to many new jobs in ICT. A recent study found that the top ICT jobs for 2018 include:

  • Cbyer security;
  • Data and; 
  • Artificial Intellegence.

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