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Teaching Strategies

literacy teaching resources with ICT teaching strategies

Short of time?

What if you had a set of lesson plans for teaching literacy and teaching strategies at your disposal?


Here's the problem.....

Integrating ICT into teaching and learning is not straight forward. 

There are many things to consider such as:

  • Your own level of capability in ICT;
  • How do you plan effectively to integrate ICT;
  • And what are the best teaching strategies to facilitate these capabilities in students?

There are also huge risks involved as students’ learning can be diminished if ICT is not used appropriately. 

Teachers are well-known for being 'time poor'. So having this all ready for you saves you time that you can provide for much more important aspects of your lesson time. 

What are the features of this literacy teaching resource?

Its features are huge....just take a look!


How can this help you?

Literacy teaching resources



Teaching Strategies

To support your use of ICT in the classroom, we provide you teacher-tested strategies derived from the most ICT capable classrooms. For example, it is important that when you introducing software and techniques to students for the first time in Prep or Kindergarten (Foundation Level) start by discussing what can it do and how it might be achieved;

  • Overcoming Difficulties
    - Something is most likely going to go wrong with technology at the time of your lesson. What do you do? First, don't worry because students don't always need to sit at computer to be able to develop their capabilities in ICT. Behind every ICT technique is a concept and you could help them learn these concepts and develop their higher order skills;
  • Organising the classroom
    - Not every classroom is equal when it comes to access to ICT tools and resources. The way you set out your classroom will determine the level of capability students will develop. We provide you with advice as to how to maximise opportunities for curriculum learning in this literacy lesson. No matter if you have low or high resource setting, we can help you.


All of the above are teaching strategies that I have been writing about for years! So don't wait any longer. 

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