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Teach Literacy-ICT Integration Effectively Today

The Australian Curriculum Primary English Learning Area offers you many opportunities to use ICT in order to enhance English/literacy learning in the classroom.

This course will help you to conceptualise the role of technology within current understandings of literacy and literacy instruction.


Course Overview

The use of ICT in literacy teaching and learning involves teachers learning how to become capable users of the new technologies that continue to emerge and bring with it new literacies that is needed by students in the 21st century in order to survive and thrive.


While literacy specific software is ideal for achieving literacy targets, it is not ideal for developing student ICT capability. Curriculum requirements in the English Learning Area provides you with opportunities to develop literacy and ICT capability simultaneously. However, this can only be achieved if you implement evidence-based literacy-ICT teaching strategies and integrate ICT tools that are content-free and which challenge students intellectually in addition to allowing for a high degree of decision-making on the students’ behalf.


For teachers who wish to study literacy-ICT integration, completing the online course will help you to think like the experts in making instructional decisions, structuring literacy-ICT learning activities and employing sound literacy-ICT pedagogical strategies under authentic circumstances.


Completing this course will contribute to 5 hours of TQI registered PD addressing 2.5.2, 2.6.2 and 3.4.2 of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient teacher accreditation in the ACT.

TQI accredited course in English and Literacy



This online course is self-paced so you can learn as you work. Available all day, every day.


Curriculum Connection

This online course is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and links to the NSW English Syllabus:

NSW English Syllabus

Early Stage 1  Stage 1 Stage 2  Stage 3

ENe - 3A

ENe - 10C

EN1 - 3A

EN1 - 8B

EN2 - 2A

EN2 - 3A

EN2 - 4A

EN2 - 6B

EN2 - 8B

EN3- 1A

EN3 - 2A

EN3- 3A

EN3- 5B

EN3- 7C


Course Ebook

This course comes with a complimentary free Literacy-ICT integration teacher which will equip you with the expertise to continue your professional learning in literacy teaching with the use of ICT. 

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Literacy teaching with ICT in Year 5 Australian Curriculum English Learning Area

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Literacy-technology integration skills


New Literacy skills learnt

The new literacies that are needed to be learnt arise from the emergence of new technologies. These include:

  • Word processing and online word processing such as blogging, WIKIS and web design and creation. Not to mention the use of email in literacy development;
  • Web searching (Information literacy) techniques;
  • Drawing and painting graphics techniques for use when teaching about visual literacy;
  • Audio recording software to help students record and listen to their own speech;
  • Presentation/multimedia software techniques to help students with their oral speeches and digital story telling;
  • Publishing software techniques for effective newspaper and newsletter productions.


English and Literacy accredited online professional developoment


Course Modules


Gain an understanding about the relationship between literacy and ICT capability in the curriculum, learn about your TPACK needs as a literacy teacher and why some ICT tools are better than others.


ICT Tools that Develop Literacy and ICT Capability

You will learn about the role each ICT tool and resource has to play in literacy teaching and how to facilitate 21st century skills by understanding and practicing the skills you need as a literacy teacher and collaborating with colleagues to further enhance your expertise.


Assess Literacy and ICT Capability

You will learn how to establish a starting point in both literacy and ICT capability when you practice formative assessment strategies and plan for the progression of 21st century skills in the learning area when ICT is used for the development of literacy.


Literacy-ICT Teaching Strategies

You will learn how to meet the needs of all learners in your classroom by applying various effective teaching approaches to literacy-ICT integration.

Classroom Practices in the Literacy-ICT lesson

You will learn how to ensure that every student benefits from the literacy curriculum by providing an inclusive classroom environment, establishing effective classroom management practices with ICT and through overcoming any technical difficulties that may arise in the literacy-ICT learning environment.

Reflecting on Literacy Teaching and Learning with ICT

You will learn how reflecting on your teaching and learning practices can improve your classroom practices by analysing the effectiveness of your instructional approaches using key questions.


Curriculum/Course follow up activities

You will learn how to implement structured literacy-ICT activities in your classroom by submitting course follow-up activities obtained as part of enrolment and which is aligned with Australian Curriculum English Learning Area. It will present you with a clear connection between what you have learnt in the course during your professional development and your classroom practice.


Student Support

Help and support is readily available through the literacy course features which allows you to post comments directly to the course facilitator at any time. We monitor activity within the course and this will ensure that any queries or questions you may have will be answered and resolved as soon as possible.


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Enrol Fee

Individuals $95; Group enrolment (5 or more) $90 - Apply here for group.

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