How to maintain CPD hours for teachers in 2020?

CPD for teachers

By Michael Hilkemeijer


Every year, it is a requirement for all teachers in Australia to maintain 20 hours of continuing professional development throughout the year.


However, this year things have been different with teachers and students asked to self-isolate and go into lockdown in their own homes. Thus requiring many schools and classrooms to close so that they meet guidelines given by the government.


With all this distraction happening around and many teachers learning new ways of teaching such as that of online learning for students, it is still important to maintain your CPD for teachers hours.



The nation-wide lockdown of society in Australia has meant that many face-to-face workshops have also adhered to the government’s guidelines.


For some teachers, this may be what they prefer, but there are many online CPD opportunities for teachers available.



Travel Restrictions

Interstate travelling restrictions means that many conferences and PD workshops you were planning to attend have either been postponed or cancelled.


Many states and territories such as Queensland have now closed their borders and may remain this way for some time still.


As a result, many of your choices for professional learning are no longer viable.



Online CPD for Primary Teachers

With much of the world learning the value of online skills in a digitally dominated society, now is the time to ensure that you facilitate capabilities in ICT for children in your care.


Research has indicated that simple exposure to ICT tools is NOT sufficient to develop ICT capability and ICT literacy in both subject learning areas and that of the digital technologies area.


Our strategy is that we provide P-6 schools and early childhood education and care centres with the expertise they need to build the foundations for proficient users of ICT in society from the ground up.


Our online CPD courses for primary teachers offers you a range of choice.

Starting with our online workshops for preschool teachers, participants in our course will learn how to:


  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the situation including an examination of their own capabilities in ICT;
  • Maximise formative assessment in early childhood;
  • Select developmentally appropriate ICT tools for learning and play;
  • Employ evidence based ICT teaching strategies in early childhood;
  • Promote literacy and numeracy development with ICT;
  • Encourage creative uses of ICT tools;
  • Integrate ICT effectively in STEM projects;
  • Understand health and safety issues with ICT in ECE;
  • Boost your competence and confidence in ICT;
  • Implement a universal framework for inclusion.

Completing this course will contribute to 5 hours of NESA and TQI registered PD addressing 2.4.6, 4.5.2, 5.1.2 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient teacher accreditation. 


"I really enjoyed this course! It was very informative and well researched.  It gave detailed descriptions regarding all areas outlined in the objectives.  The videos made the learning seem more interactive! The tasks were very beneficial and applicable to my future teaching practices!"

- Dominique


Continuing to build your capacity as a teacher in Primary education, we provide you with practical and immediately actionable advice so that you can first:


Embed Formative Assessment Strategies to establish a starting point for a child’s learning journey towards ICT capability and so that you can continue to keep track of student progress using effective record keeping practices.


This course has been beneficial. I have learned more about how to integrate ICT in the classroom and how to support the students who struggle in this area. The readings have been particularly useful and it has been great to see other professionals and their use of ICT in the classroom.”

- Kerrie 


There are also CPD opportunities for teachers in primary education to enhance Literacy with ICT within the Australian English Learning Area. These expertise can then be embedded throughout other learning areas.


CPD for primary teachers also includes learning valuable teaching strategies with technology which will equip you with knowledge to maintain the requirements of the Australian Curriculum to effectively teach ICT capability as a general capability where you can.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learnt the importance of ICT in all schools. This course has enhanced my ideas of classroom practice by giving me confidence in knowing that I was on the right track."

- Louise 



Finally, there are leadership courses for teachers like yourself who have the desire to lead your school and colleagues to ICT greatness as a result of the increased and improved attainment levels in student ICT capability and ICT literacy.


Within this leadership course for teachers, you will have access to free professional learning resources such as our School ICT Policy Advice booklet. This contains a roadmap for your leadership and school success. This online online workshop for teachers in ICT leadership will complete your goals.

All CPD for primary teachers is registered with NESA and TQI.

CPD for teachers   CPD for teachers

While the world and society may have changed for you and other teachers, don’t lose sight of your CPD hours for teachers and ensure that you take advantage of online opportunities for teachers which particularly focus on providing your students with 21st century digital literacy skills.

All online CPD courses for primary teachers are $100 or less. Hope you can join us.

Join our CPD for teachers today and receive additional support for your continual professional development now.

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