Early Childhood Teaching Approaches with Technology

ICT Teaching Strategies: Maximising student capabilities with beebots

By Michael Hilkemeijer


The use of technology in early childhood education can support a young child’s learning across many contexts.


By being a mindful early childhood teacher, you can embed a number of teaching approaches in early childhood education which takes full advantage of ICT or technology at your centre or school.


Technology Teaching Approaches in Early Childhood

You can:


  • Take children on a local walk and ask them to observe the various types of technology which they see along the way. Then conduct a whole class discussion about what they are and follow this up with a making session where they create their own technologies.
  • Place defunct technology into role play boxes to help young children develop their independence with ICT.
  • Provide young children with a digital camera of some sort for their outdoor activities or excursions to take digital images with. They may use a stand-alone camera or that from an iPad or other tablet computer, and don’t forget those that come with smartphones. Download them and then display them using the projector to generate discussions.
  • Encourage young children to record the process of an activity as they progress through it, documenting their own learning using a webcam.
  • Model the use of art software yourself. You can make a repeat pattern and print out for wrapping paper.
  • Use art software such as MS Paint to stimulate children’s interest by starting a blank page. Paint and save an outline of spaceship or something else of interest to them, and then ask the children to paint over these using tools and clip art to fill with objects.
  • Use a bee bot or another programmable toy for the children to plot a path to the moon on a floor map.



These are just some of the ideas which you may find you can do at your centre or school.


If you want to know more, I have compiled a complete list of activities with technology in our accredited online workshop for preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers.


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