Developing ICT Capable Educational Leadership Part 2

Teaching Strategies

By Michael Hilkemeijer

Senior Management 

Senior management play a significant role in the development of school as they drive the culture and change in teaching strategies. The role that ICT has in schools is enormous and therefore, as the ICT coordinator you depend on the support from senior management for leadership and encouragement. Receiving encouragement from other coordinators, heads of departments and other senior managers is just as vital. For example, heads of departments can support you directly by: 

  • Vision and drive;
  • Policy review and promulgation;
  • Resource planning and funding, staff development planning, in conjunction with staff development leaders;
  • Monitoring and evaluation, in conjunction with deputy heads;
  • Setting an example in ICT capability.

(Kennewell, Parkinson, & Tanner, 2000, p. 180)

Studies indicate (Kennewell et al., 2000) that initiatives and development are not dependent on the personality of the head of the department. If your school is to become ICT capable, then systems must be placed that is accepted and adopted by all the staff at the school. A process like this will ensure that school development is continuous.

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