Apps that develop student creativity

ICT Teaching Strategies

By Michael Hilkemeijer

Mobile technology in the classroom has come a long way since its introduction. It has enabled learning by students to be conducted at anytime, anyplace and anywhere. However, this wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for the many apps being developed with a range of different purposes. Like educational software, they all target different learning areas and use various methods to communicate the information and feedback to students.

With the use of technology in the classroom, you should always remember these two underlining principles. Firstly, the use of technology being a great source of motivation and engagement for students should be enhanced by your ability to develop student ICT capabilities. Primarily, this should be your first task when deciding to use ICT in your lessons as will significantly help your students be ICT literacy or capable and this key requirement of any government in the 21st century. You should also use it to support and enhance the learning of the curriculum you are teaching. Today, the second reason it very much perceived by many teachers to be the main reason. However, there is no reason it can’t be both.

When it comes to choosing apps that have the ability to achieve both purposes it means determining what particular apps give the student full control over it and enables the level of the decision-making by the student to be high. Apps that help students be creative do just that. They help students to produce products, plan and generate ideas. Diane Darrow once quoted that “we have to become savvy about the ways apps can foster creativity” as this helps students to produce unique content. As a guide, she listed the following questions when searching for these apps.

Does the app help the user…..                          

  1. Construct designs?
  2. Generate possibilities?
  3. Compose ideas?
  4. Propose hypotheses?
  5. Produce solutions?
  6. Brainstorm solutions?
  7. Design products?
  8. Assemble plans?
  9. Re-arrange operations?
  10. Imagine possibilities?


Here is a list of apps that we think you might like to try.

Storyboards – we cannot find links to this one anymore. Here is a link to a list of storyboard apps.

 Book Creator






  Garage Band


 Tinker Box






  123D Sculpt


 Faces iMake



  Graphio 3  Draw a rectangle, circle or an ellipse and watch Grafio recognize and replace it                 with a perfectly looking shape for your diagram or schematic. 


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