9 Reasons to use Technology in the Classroom Today

Teaching Strategies

By Michael Hilkemeijer


In the 21st century, we all live in a ICT-integrated world where knowledge and knowledge creation is king. It is for this reason why many educational systems around the globe strive to have an effective ICT-integrated curriculum which involves the effective use of technology in the classroom.


It is an opportunity for teachers to capitalise on the use of technology in subject learning and use the technology in the classroom to support subjects whilst at the same time ensure that technology remains transparent in the background so that students develop their ICT capabilities without even thinking about it.


9 Reasons to use Technology in the Classroom


  1. Mobile learning has taken off with the rise in the developments of mobile technology. Through use of this type of learning, you will be preparing students for careers that capitalises on mobile technologies for productivity such as iPads, smartphones and laptops.
  2. When used correctly, technology in the classroom can cater for everyone’s learning style. You as a teacher can differentiate learning styles as a result ensuring that everyone learns from the curriculum.
  3. Technology in the classroom naturally brings students together to collaborate and communicate.
  4. Motivation and engagement is not problem when there is sufficient technology in the classroom for everyone.
  5. As mentioned earlier, it is not only the chance to use technology to support learning but to develop student ICT capability and therefore, their digital citizenship.
  6. When classrooms have good connectivity students can explore learning outside their classrooms through Virtual Reality.
  7. The Internet brings the world to classroom and this opens up many doors for self-exploration and self-interest. Thus leading to deeper engagement in learning.
  8. These days, it is common to have schools have a BYOD/BYOT policy as technology becomes more affordable for everyone. Such policies facilitate student ownership of their technology which comes with greater decision-making skills.
  9. Finally, technology in the classroom has a transformative effect on learning as it provides authentic real world experiences opening up the door for inquiry to take occur.


Technology in the classroom benefits everyone if its use is supported and scaffolded correctly with high impact ICT teaching strategies.


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