Who We Are


We live in ICT-dominated society where more and more organisations, companies, industries and businesses depend on knowledge-based workers skilled and capable of using ICT fluently. Global economies have been greatly impacted by the influence of ICT in their processes. Life demands that if we are to prosper and survive that we need to be able to make responsible decisions in new and unexpected situations and be lifelong learners.

We believe that it is vital for every child, adolescent and adult to be ICT literate, ICT capable or digital literate. They need to be able to fluently use ICT in any context and be able to construct the right ICT solutions using the appropriate tools and techniques from the available technological resources.

For this to occur, teachers need the right tools and knowledge about how to effectively integrate ICT throughout the curriculum in a manner where it will not only provide valuable support for the subject context but ensure that 21st century skills are taught alongside it. It is their responsibility to make sure that their students are able to make the right decisions about when, where and why use ICT, and not just the how.

Our online professional development courses for teachers make available opportunities for teachers to think like experts in making instructional decisions, structuring learning activities and employ sound ICT pedagogical strategies. It encompasses practical information that deepens your Technological Pedagogy Content Knowledge (TPACK) and promotes active learning.

Once completed, use our online learning teacher resources to continue your professional learning. 

If you want to learn a better way to use ICT in your classroom, we can help you.

Teach ICT Capability Across the Primary Curriculum