Optimising opportunities in the Australian Curriculum with ICT

27 Oct, 2017

Professional development for teachers -ICT Capability Icon

Have you ever come across this icon in your Learning Area before? Did you wonder what it meant?

When the Australian Curriculum was created a few years back it brought with it many changes – this was one of them. True in some states a similar icon existed, however, the emergence of the new curriculum carried many new concepts. The symbol shown here represents the General Capability (21st century skill) – ICT capability. It exists among other skills such as critical thinking and literacy and numeracy in all Learning Areas. Alright. This may be nothing new. Like many of my colleagues for quite some time I believed that it just meant the opportunity in the curriculum to use technology. A fantastic way to first of all help students achieve the outcome needed and to engage and motivate them. What more can you ask for?

My interest and passion over the years in the use ICT in education helped me to further my studies and in 2001 I completed my Masters of Education (ICTE). No, I am not really boasting about my qualifications here. However, I learnt to research into key pedagogical strategies involving the use of ICT and this boosted my skills when I began my own professional ICT development business. So let’s right to the point. My research has truly opened my eyes and mind to many new and significant information and the most important is ICT capability. For the past few years, I have been researching how teachers can effectively develop it. It has changed everything for me and it should do the same for you.

ICT capability is more than just the icon in your Learning Area, it is actually comprises of five components which together must be achieved by the student in order for it to be developed. What an eye opener! For myself, it meant that I could no longer think the way I did before. I needed to go beyond just using technology in the classroom. I needed to actually begin developing student ICT capability.

Last year, the 2014 NAPLAN ICT literacy results was released and without going into too much detail it was quoted by the CEO of ACARA that in order for students to improve their performance teachers needed to use effective pedagogical strategies that will help achieve results. In other words, for students to become actually ICT literate/ICT capable. What it confirmed for myself, was that many teachers still think the way I did in the past – that by just giving access to technology for students would do the trick. How wrong I was.

The ICT capability represents now not just the opportunity for teachers to provide access for students to ICT devices. It should give them the opportunity to plan ahead in order to effectively develop student ICT capability by using pedagogical strategies that research has proven work.

If you would like to learn more about developing student ICT capability you can attend our live webinars monthly or our new online courses. It is time for all teachers to go beyond just using technology in the classroom and develop student ICT capability.






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